The answer to an often asked question.

Last summer, during one of my many trips to Wedge Brewery, I started wondering - "Which food truck will be where this weekend?"  To my astonishment, there was not a convenient way to answer this question!  I looked for a central website to help me out, and there was none.  Then I asked "If not now, when; if not me, who?"  

So I went to GoDaddy and found out that the most obvious domain names for this project were still available -,, and - so I snapped them up!  I then started designing a logo for the website and the sticker that (I hope) will be on all of the food trucks to be tracked.  Then came the huge challenge:  finding a way to map all of the food trucks without spending ALL day long doing it.

What the hell took so long?!?

After my real work dried up, I went for months without work and spent most of my time being depressed and trying to find a Google map plugin that would work.  After months of wading through quicksand, I found (what I hope will be) the solution.  

Fast forward to today!  While the site is still in beta, I think we have something that is functional and easy to use.  Over the next few weeks, we will be tinkering with the site to get it just right.  So, try it out and let us know what you think!


AuthorKevin Jennings