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When I first started tracking food trucks, there were only about 5 or so in Asheville.  Now there are more than 60.  Wait a second - let me reiterate:  there are more than 60 mobile food vendors.  I believe that all mobile food vendors need to be tracked.  Don't you want to be able to find Sunshine Sammies?  Anyway ... I got tired of trying to track down the awesome food trucks for myself and found out that the domain names,, and were all available; so I bought them!

Let me try to explain what drives me in my work life.  Like most people my main motivator, when it comes to work, is MONEY.  But other motivators include food, entertainment, and happiness; not necessarily in that order.  Let me give you some examples of past jobs:

  • Bartender - I worked as a mixologist 'back-in-the-day'.  That job provided all four of the work motivators:  money, food, entertainment, and happiness.  (Why the hell am I not doing that, still?!)
  • Theater manager - I've been  an assistant  manager at 3 different theaters over the decades.  Those jobs provided food, entertainment, and happiness.

"Why do you do this?" - When I would first introduce myself to the food truck owners to tell them about the website and what I was doing, most of them where very suspicious.  'He says he doesn't want money.  Why would this freak spend his own money and time to track our trucks?'  The reason I do this is because I have mad respect for what these guys and gals do.  They hole up in a hot tin can and produce amazing food which is better than most brick-and-mortar restaurants!  So the main reason I do this is to help them out.  I will admit that, if they insist on feeding me, I will not turn them down; but that has never been a requirement for my services.  I have never asked for food, and I never will.


When I first started doing this, it was relatively easy.  It only took about 15-minutes a night and the website only costs $10 a month; so I secretly thought, 'If I get 2 meals a month and I can help these guys out - everyone is happy.'   But now that there are over 60 mobile food vendors, I am spending abut 10 hours a week on the site!  I still do not want to ask the owners for money.  These guys have to worry about fixing broken trucks and making a living, and I want to make life as easy on them as possible.  A world without mobile Peruvian, Cajun, gourmet grilled cheese, etc. would just plain suck!  I've written a lot, so let me get to the point:

Advertising is now available on the website.  It's pretty affordable and you'll reach over 3,800 people a week (and constantly rising).  So; buy some advertising, reach a lot of food lovers, and help a brother out.  The short term goal is to make enough money to pay for the website and some of my time.  The long term goal is to make the website more mobile friendly and eventually turn it into an app.  

Food will always be appreciated.

AuthorKevin Jennings